Cymatic FirstALERT is the industry’s only early warning detection system that leverages behavioral modeling and threat reconnaissance to help businesses proactively eliminate user-born threats before they become breaches.

Sense the Smoke. Stop the Breach.

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So, you’ve protected your endpoints.

What about the endpoints you can’t protect?

71% of companies lack visibility into user-born risks that originate outside the firewall.

38% of breaches go undetected by traditional internal/cloud security tools.

If you can’t see these risks, how do you assess the threats to your business?

See How Vulnerable You Really Are

See Threat Intelligence in Real-time

Understand Your Users Like Never Before

Focus Mitigation Efforts on Risky Behavior

Watch Attacks in Real-Time

Quickly Isolate and Understand Your Greatest Threats

Mitigate Your User Risks in Real-Time

Visibility is Complemented by Administrator-Controlled or Automated Mitigation – Without Adding Performance or Experience Friction to the User.


Dynamically take action if a vulnerability is detected. Mitigate the risk immediately and instantly improve the user’s security hygiene.

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Most users are unaware they have vulnerabilities or don’t know what to do. Let Cymatic educate them on how to be more secure.

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Reduce security friction for your users and make them more secure by making remediation automatic and easy.

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You’re in Great Company!

We deployed Cymatic and were blown away on how many vulnerabilities we had.  We never realized that our trusted users brought so much risk to our brand.  Cymatic’s platform helps with remediation and in less than 45 days, our user’s security hygiene was much improved.

Dr. Michael Franklin, Director IT Security and Compliance, First Bank

Cymatic has added enormous value to our compliance program.  We leverage their dashboards and reports to show our stakeholders where we stand with security and they have really helped with our user awareness program.

Susan Scott, CISO, Flatirons Credit Union

What Cymatic was able to do in days was incredible.  We are able to increase the security of our web application without causing any disruption to our users.  Their user awareness widget is game-changing and has made measurable impact to our security programs.

Zachary Goodman, CSO, Nations Health Co.

See How Cymatic Will Work for You

Setup Cymatic with just one line of code in a matter of seconds.  No infrastructure changes required.  Cymatic works out of the box on any browser, any device and any operating system.

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