About Cymatic

Cymatic Security fills a gap in current threat intelligence solutions — measuring security risk due to poor user security habits. Arming security teams with unmatched, real-time visibility into user-derived vulnerabilities, we prevent unforeseen threats from becoming breaches. Our innovative visual design presents threats in plain language, improving user awareness, and thereby reducing organizational risk over time.

Our Philosophy

At Cymatic Security we have an unwavering commitment and passion for building some of the most unique, impactful and cutting edge security products in the world.  Along with our products, we are equally as committed to providing the very best company for our employees to be part of and for our customers to do business with. Our company is driven by passion, determination, integrity, honesty, transparency, energy and a company first attitude.  We have a relentless commitment to creating the very best company to work for, a passion for making our customers happy and successful, and a dedication to creating the very best products, bar none.

Our Philosophy

Our Name

At Cymatic Security, everything has a connection and thus a story behind it. So, what’s with our name? Cymatic, or more specifically Cymatics, is the periodic phenomena that happens when sound frequencies are driven through inert powders, pastes, and liquids. These frequencies produce life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. Every frequency produces the same exact pattern, unique to itself.

So, what does that have to do with us? At Cymatic Security, we use what’s unique about people – the frequencies they give off subconsciously – to identify them. These signals are so unique to each person, that it allows us to verify people with incredible accuracy. Thanks to Cymatics, our customers are more secure and there is a reason for it. To see Cymatics in action, watch this educational, but very cool video below.

Our Logo

Our logo represents an abstract Emperor Penguin in the form of an inverted triangle.  First a little bit about the shape.  The triangle is an isosceles triangle which means that only two sides are of equal length.  The different or “unique” side represents the differences amongst us and our ability to recognize those subtleties.   The triangle itself represents the natural mathematical human form.  Additionally, the three points of the triangle represent our three core values of collaboration, transparency and trust.  We can get into the angles, but we’ll save that for another time.

As far as the Emperor Penguin goes, there is obviously a story around that as well.  After being out at sea for 2 months and trekking over 60 miles on ice, female Emperor Penguins return to their colony of thousands to feed their starving chick. But, there is one major problem, all penguins look alike to each other. How do these mothers identify who’s who in a sea of commonality and do it with the speed and efficiency required to save their chick?

Easy, they have developed a way through vocalizations, smells and vibrations to uniquely identify one another. These behavioral signals are so unique that the autonomic imprint lasts a lifetime, is 100% accurate and is passed onto future generations. In fact, studies have shown that not only can Emperor penguins uniquely identify their chicks, they also can uniquely identify each other through social recognition.

Similarly, identifying someone online presents the same challenges as the Emperor penguin. Everyone looks alike.  And, thus, this is where we come in.