Our Culture

People First, Always

At Cymatic we have an unwavering commitment and passion for building some of the most impactful and cutting edge security products in the world. Along with our products, we are equally as committed to providing the very best company for our Cymatic family to be part of.

We are an employee first company. We believe that if you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers and in return take care of your extended stakeholders. Everyone at Cymatic plays an integral role to our success, no matter their title, experience, past achievements or tenure. We are all equal and in this together. As such, there is absolutely no tolerance for self promotion or ego. Success and failure comes as a team. We succeed as a team and fail as a team.

In order to make the cut, we look at cultural fit first, then how you can help us. Our people must have passion for what they do, unwavering determination, utmost integrity, brutal honesty, complete transparency and tons of energy. Finally, our people must have a relentless commitment to be part of creating the very best company to work for, a passion for making our customers happy and successful, and a dedication to creating the very best products, bar none.

Our Promise

Compensation – We offer highly competitive compensation packages with no strings attached.

Drama – We promise to provide a dysfunction free workplace – we won’t tolerate any of it, and release anyone that creates it.

Cross collaboration – We are a team of highly motivated, smart and talented people, that respect each other as individuals and value what everyone brings to the table. Our strength comes from not one of us, but all of us. We are – one team, one family, one company with one mission.

Diversity – We believe that keeping things on a human level is the only way to go. Our diversity will span way beyond gender, religious affiliation, cultural background and education. We support you, we welcome you, we want you, and there is an opportunity for you.

Advancement – We promise to never forget those individuals who helped us reach our milestones, and we will always look to advance from within.

Transparency – We promise to have no hidden agenda or conditions, and always tell it like it is. Good or bad we promise you will be in the know, respectfully and constructively.

Product – Our technology will never fall behind. We will always push the envelope and create some of the most innovative and impactful security products in the world. Dream big, we do!

Empathy – We believe that when you are part of team Cymatic, you are part of our family, this goes for our customers as well. We all strive for perfection but occasionally we miss the mark and that’s ok. Embrace failure, as you can’t achieve greatness without it.