Zero Friction. Zero Frustration. Complete Protection From User and Device Threats.

Cymatic’s user risk management platform takes minutes to deploy, doesn’t require infrastructure changes and is completely transparent to users.

Cymatic Is Architected Based On Three Core Concepts

We use these concepts to understand user behavior, gather threat intelligence and assess risk.

Cymatic Security

Transparent Identity Verification

We leverage behavioral biometrics, behavioral analytics, device and location data, and our proprietary self-learning algorithms to identify users accurately.

Cymatic Security

Session Vulnerability


Our realtime machine learning engine analyzes millions of bits of data per second to ensure the identity who logs in is trusted throughout their entire session.

Cymatic Security

Identity & Device Threat Reconnaissance

We collect and analyze the highest quality threat signals across the public & dark web to provide you the most accurate and continuous view of risk possible.

How does it Work?

We continuously monitor user and device threats, so you don’t have to.

How Cymatic Works

The Cymatic 360° Difference

Zero Trust.  Zero Proxy.  Complete Protection.

Cymatic offers complete protection against all vectors of identity fraud and device risk without the burden of deploying an inline proxy, the expense of multi-factor authentication, annoying captchas, impossible to remember passwords and other intrusive methods.

Online User ThreatsOnline Threats Mitigated

Our Unique Capabilities

We built Cymatic specifically to combat the threats originating from users.  In doing so, we have developed some amazing capabilities.

  • Incredibly accurate device recognition without the use of cookies or other tracking techniques stored on the client’s device.

  • Realtime, continuous user and device-based threat streaming that is completely transparent to the user and has zero performance impact.

  • Ability to take control of a session without the use of an inline proxy or other infrastructure modifications.

  • Situationally aware machine learning that dynamically assesses threat attributes based on session risk.

  • Transparent user validation without the need for intrusive challenges.

  • Rapid seeding technology to reduce the time it takes to obtain highly accurate threat assessments.

  • Simultaneous session detection identifies and eliminates credential reuse and session-hijacking attempts in realtime across devices and browser tabs.

Our Platform Is Built To Protect The Most Demanding Websites

Cymatic Security

Frictionless User Experience

We’ve designed our platform to be 100% transparent to your users.  We gather all identity and threat intelligence data using nonintrusive methods, so you and your users can enjoy the best security possible without degrading the user experience.

Military Grade Security & Privacy

Your security and your customers’ privacy are the cornerstones of our technology.  All the traffic analyzed is encrypted, anonymized and obfuscated.

Cymatic Security
Cymatic Security

Infinite De-Centralized Scalability

We leverage a decentralized database that provides high throughput, sub-second latency and powerful functionality so you can securely share and consume anonymous identity and device intelligence in realtime with other organizations.

Adaptive Machine Learning

The Cymatic Identity Intelligence Platform runs the world’s only adaptive machine learning system designed from the ground up to take advantage of the power of the blockchain and also realtime data streams from our identity and threat sensors across the world.

Cymatic Security
Cymatic Security

Unified Visibility & Control

See your results in realtime and in one place in seconds.  With Cymatic OneView, security and compliance teams get a complete and continuous updated view of all their identity and device risks from a single pane of glass.

Minutes to Deploy

That’s right. We’ve built our platform to ensure the easiest and fastest deployment possible. We’ve automated everything possible, so you can get up and running without any delays.

Cymatic Security

What You Can’t See, You Can’t Control

Cymatic’s unified cloud dashboard gives you unprecedented visibility into your identity and device threats, so you can prevent and respond to risks in realtime.