Understand the Cyberhealth of Your Users Before They Compromise Your Site.

Cymatic’s user risk management platform enables businesses to gain visibility and take control of the risks and threats users and devices pose to their online applications.

Threat Analytics

Unparalleled visibility to comprehensive analytics across all user and device-based threats, vulnerabilities and traffic.

Cymatic Analytics
Realtime Session Visibility

Realtime Session Visibility

Get immediate actionable insights into the risks, vulnerabilities and threats your users have.

In-Session Threat Analysis

Get insight into session-based threats such as geo-velocity changes, multi-session activity, shared accounts and user behavioral analytics.

In Session Threats
NIST Device Vulnerabilities

Comply With NIST Guidelines On Device Vulnerabilities

Easily see device health and threats with NIST-based device scoring and remediation recommendations.  Choose to have Cymatic auto-remediate, prompt the user or block high-risk devices.

Dark Web Credential Scanning

Each username and password is scanned against our dark web database consisting of over 12 million username/password combinations to ensure not even the most secure credentials have not been compromised.

Dark Web Search
Geo-location Threats

Location-based Threat Detection

Use our dynamic geo-fencing and our global IP intelligence feeds to only allow users in from the places you trust.

IP Threat Intelligence

Know if users are accessing your site from malicious IP addresses, TOR networks, Anonymous proxies, Phishing URLs, Spam and Bot Farms and block them.

IP Intelligence
Detailed Profile Views

Get Expanded Details with Profile Views

See every session from every user all in one place.  Get insights into their device health, locations risks, behavioral biometrics, credential threats, behavioral analytics, threats and remediations.

Hackers Don’t Take Breaks.  Neither Should Your Security.

Setup Cymatic with just one line of code in a matter of seconds.  Cymatic works out of the box on any browser, any device and any operating system.