How Do Our Customers Use Cymatic?

From e-commerce sites to financial services to healthcare,

companies of all sizes rely on Cymatic to help them understand the cyberhealth of their users and mitigate their threats.

Realtime Session Visibility

For Underwriting Cyber Insurance Policies

Cymatic eliminates the burden of auditing and understanding the cyberhealth related to user-based security policies like password hygiene, high-risk locations, device-based vulnerabilities, shared credentials, breached credentials, etc.  Through realtime observation of your user threats, Cymatic generates a clear report and trend of the organization’s security compliance.

For User Security Compliance

Over 90% of all breaches start with compromised users.  Users have always been the weakest link in security and fraudsters take advantage of this.  ATO attacks have become a lucrative business for cybercriminals and extremely expensive for businesses in the way of fines, brand deterioration and detection.   With Cymatic, you can finally get a complete picture of your user’s cyberhealth and the security hygiene of your organization.

For In-Browser User Awareness and Education

Most fraud happens because users are either unaware that they have risks or they are unaware of to fix them. With Cymatic, you can quickly and easily educate your users and make them aware of their own cyberhealth.  Use either our in browser awareness widget or our notification banners.  Both require zero coding and can be deployed in seconds.

For Realtime Threat Mitigation and Remediation

Cymatic is always watching to ensure the cyberhealth of your users is without compromise.  In the event Cymatic sees a possible threat (for example, an unknown device or maybe breached user credentials), Cymatic can automatically remediate that threat in realtime (so the user has to do nothing) or prompt the user for corrective action.